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Project Description


IGBT Driver

Hybrid integrated IGBT drivers can be used in the applications that need grid amplification drive. They can realize the safety electrical isolation between the power semiconductor and control circuit with the high-speed optical coupling. The series feature switching frequency up to 40k Hz, timing reset and short circuit protection, as well as soft shut off and fault output functions.

SeriesVCE MaxSupply Voltage VCC (VDC£©Supply Voltage VEE (VDC£©Gate VoltageIout (mA)Max FrequencyDrive ChannelIsolation (VDC)PackageFeatures
QC962-8A1700V18-1518V/-15V¡À800040kHz13750SIPCompatible with M57962AL
QP12W08S-371700V161616¡À800020kHz13750SIPBuilt-in isolated power supply