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FAQ for AC/DC Converter

It is applied to various AC power supply systems, which has important applications in the areas of power supply, instrumentation, industrial control, communications equipment and medical industries, etc. It is a high-efficiency and green AC/DC power supply module with multiple advantages of wide input voltage range, AC/DC dual-use, high efficiency, high reliability, low power consumption and safe isolation. The product meets the Energy Star standard, EMC and safety regulations, IEC61000, UL60950, IEC60950, passes UL, CE and medical certifications.

Reasons: In order to improve product efficiency under low power conditions and standby power consumption, AC/DC products work in skip cycle mode under light load conditions. At this time the product is in frequency conversion mode (normal working period is 65KHZ or 100KHZ), the output voltage changes within a wider range, which the ripple will be relatively higher, however, the output voltage is stable.

Solution: It is normal to detect a larger ripple at light loads (less than 10%). To avoid such phenomenon, it is recommended that the load should not be less than 10%.

Solution: When there is strong interference due to the motor and circuit breaker in the front end of the module in the system, the interference equivalent model is the fast transient pulse group interference in EMC, which will cause the reset or crash of the clients’ system processor in severe cases. It is recommended to add an EMC filter to the front end of the module.

Solution: Our products have been designed with a consideration of the group pulse requirements. However, model testing is not as same as one by physically adding a peripheral circuit, which means they can barely meet the same testing standard. Model testing can generally meet EN61000 level III, for special models, the model technical manual description shall prevail. If the customer needs a higher level of anti-pulse interference capability, it is recommended that customers refer to the external circuit suggested in the technical manual or add our EMC filter module.

FAQ for DC/DC Converter

Solution: The surge voltage and current exceed TVS tube rating requirements, which results in the damage, or the duration of the front-end surge test is too long. It is recommended to select a TVS tube with a larger power rate or add a regulator circuit or an overvoltage protection circuit at the front end of the module.

The constant voltage product is realized by the principle of alternating the magnetic field direction. Without shielding measures, the strong magnetic fields make the product work in a situation similar to a short circuit, and the product can be easily damaged. It is recommended to wrap the constant voltage product with foil to achieve shielding.

The chip adopted by the customer might have high requirements on the quality of the input signal, and the output signal of the power supply module will have a certain amount of ripple noise, which will cause the chip to malfunction. It is recommended to add some filtering measures at the front end of the sensitive chip, such as inductors, capacitors, etc.

The radiation signal of the walkie-talkie has an impact on the work of the product and causes the output of the product to lose power. It is recommended that the customer add filter absorption circuit at the front end of the module, and at the same time add shielding measures on the product to strengthen the anti-jamming capability.

Yes. However, capacitors should be added at the front and back end of the module, after being short-circuited, the product will no longer have isolation function.

A hot-swapping moment will produce a peak voltage, which will have a certain impact on the module itself. Hot plugging will not directly lead to a product failure, however, a frequent hot plugging will damage the module itself, therefore, our power supply module is prohibited to hot plugging. If necessary, add some hot plugging control circuits to the front end of the module to make the product work properly.